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Making you sleep safe at night

With our SOC services you can rely on us detecting and responding to threats to your environment, so you can sleep well


Custom made for your environment

By learning specifically your IT environment, we create custom detections to protect against even more attacks


Proactively staying safe

With our expertise in threat hunting, Microsoft 365 health checks, and Vulnerability Management you can plug the security holes before they are exploited

Our Expertise

Your safety is our top priority with our services

Endpoint Security

Detect and respond to attackers in your environment

Security Operations Center

24/7 detection and response in our SOC using the best EDR solutions and people

Threat Hunting

Finding threats and attacks that otherwise might evade existing security solutions

Threat Intelligence

Keeping you alert with what’s being said on the dark web & forums about you

Vulnerabilty Management

Stay on top of patching and vulnerabilities before they are exploited


Collect logs into a SIEM solution and detect anomalous or unwanted behavior 

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with ransomware constantly increasing, stop it before it happens

As the threats of organised crime and ransomware groups are constantly expanding, making billions of USD in profit, it’s only a matter of time for most business until they get attacked. By using our Security Operations Center services to respond to attacks as they happen you can sleep soundly at night

Increase in Cybercrime due to COVID-19
Increase in MacOS malware last year
0 Days
It takes organizations an average of 191 days to identify data breaches.
US Treasury tied $5.2 billion BitCoin transactions to ransomware payments.

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