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What is a SOC Analyst: Job Description, Skills, Career Path

What Is a Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst? A Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst monitors, evaluates, and takes action to protect a company’s computer networks and systems from security threats. A SOC Analyst is responsible...
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What is Cyber Threat Hunting?

What is Threat Hunting? Cyber threat hunting is an investigative process for detecting, analyzing, and responding to malicious cyber threats in a network before a data breach occurs. It is used to identify potential security...
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What is an insider threat?

In recent years, the term “insider threat” has become increasingly prevalent in discussions of information security. But what exactly is an insider threat? And how can organizations protect themselves against and detect insider threats? An...
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What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC) With the rise of data breaches and cyber attacks, organizations are looking for ways to better protect their information. One way to do this is by establishing a...
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Interview with CURL creator Daniel Stenberg (Inside Security #17)

For Inside Security episode number 17 I had the honor of getting Daniel Stenberg on the podcast! He is possibly more known as bagder, but definately even more known for being the creator of curl....
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Gör dessa två saker för att inte råka ut för identitetskapning

Alla borde aktivera två saker för minimera risken för identitetskapning Min rekommendation är att alla aktiverar tjänsterna “Spärra obehörig adressändring” hos Skatteverket och “Adresslåset” hos Adressändring, så det krävs BankID/e-legitimation för att göra flyttanmälan och...
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